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[MULTIFANDOM] Various Het!Drabbles

Title: (Various drabbles)
Author: sonelf / sexykyu 
Rating: G ~ PG-13
Pairing: Hyukjae(Eunhyuk)/Hyoyeon, Hangeng/Victoria, Junho/Bekah, Donghae/Sooyoung
Genre: Romance

Hyukjae(Eunhyuk)/Hyoyeon ; G ; 113 words

“Hey,” she says to him as she walks beside him. “Oh, hey,” he replies.
After Hyoyeon disappears from his sight, he opens up a locker
and he looks at a picture of Hyoyeon he always keep in the
locker, “Kim Hyoyeon, your boyfriend must be very lucky to have
someone like you,” he thinks and a bitter smile appears on his face.

Their relationship is already ended, but they remain friends – though,
they might not be as close as before. He always has that gummy smile
of his whenever he meets her, but his smile is somehow fake and no
one exactly knows that he still feels the pain inside of his heart.

With that, he closes his locker and walks away.
Hangeng/Victoria ; PG ; 118 words

She wraps her hands around his arm as they walk at the side of the
beach. “Song Qian,” he mumbles her name. “What is it?”

“I love you,”

She chuckles, “Stupid. Of course I know you love me,” she replies and
wraps her hand around his neck. “I love you too,” is what she says
before she kisses him right on the mouth. She doesn’t care that there
are many people around them, who might be even watching them.

After a while, she breaks the kiss and he looks at him, “I told your
mother that we’ll be back at 7.00 PM. It’s already 6.50 PM now. So, I
guess we should go back home now,” he says.

Junho/Bekah ; PG ; 124 words

“I’m afraid,” she says. “What are you afraid of and what’s with your
tone of speaking?” he asks curiously.

Her tone of speaking appears sharp to him, and her face expression
looks a bit pale. Oh my god, is she going to die? Is she having a
disease? Oh god, please --

“I’m afraid to be a mother,” she finally speaks out after the awkward
silent. His eyes pop up wide and he seems to know what she’s
talking about, “You mean.. you are pregnant?”

“Yeah, our first child,”

He pulls her to give her a warm hug, “Don’t be afraid, I’m always here
with you. We’ll be raising our first child together, okay?” he says and
gives a passionate kiss on her lips.

Donghae/Sooyoung ; PG-13 (for swearing) ; 136 words

“Everyone deserves a second chance, right?”

He looks at her, waiting for her answer. “True but it seems that my
heart doesn’t allow you to give you a second chance,” she replies in
a soft-tone. “I know that I was immature for accusing you having
a relationship with another guy, and I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry that
I never did a research before accusing you,”

“Stop saying those bullshit, oppa. I’m tired of listening those. For the
time being, let’s not keep in touch with each other. Let me have
some rest and peace. I want to get these freaking shits out of
my mind,”

“I mean it this time. I’m really sorry, Sooyoung-ah.
I’m really, really sorry,”

Beep, beep. “Oh, fuck,” he mumbles as the voice of hers
cannot be traced in the phone.

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